The next generation IP PBX Solution

OneContact PBX is a powerful multi-tenant SIP Based IP PBX solution that provides flexibility and easy browser based management of all tenants, with fixed mobile convergence between mobile, physical and soft phones.



OneContactPBX Features
  • Solution IP-PBX 100% SIP based
  • Multi-Tenant: Supports multiple clients and sites
  • Integrates with fixed and mobile networks, softphones and telephones
  • Compatible with PBX digitales (via connexion SIP)
  • Unified Web Interface for provisioning and reports
  • Intelligent Routing for incoming calls (services groups, voicemail, etc.)
  • Personalized numbering plans for outbound calls
  • Mobile Extensions for iPhone, iPad and Android (OneContact PBX Mobile)



OneContactPBX is a VoIP PBX using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), the standard for IP multimedia communications. Its standards-based architecture makes it future-proof and allows for easy integration with hardware and software components from multiple vendors. OneContactPBX supports integration with Media Gateways, SBCs, MGCs and SIP Trunks.


A OneContactPBX Client is a logical abstraction that represents a real world Client, usually a company or a company department. OneContactPBX allows the configuration of multiple Clients in a single installation. Each Client has a Web Client Administration Account that allows the configuration of Client Sites, Extensions, Routing Profiles, Hunting Groups and all other Client-related policies.


Routing Profiles define a set of routing decisions to be applied according to the current routing state of Extensions, or based on predefined conditions. Routing Profiles can define several routing decisions: Always, Busy, Fail, Schedule, Timeout.
Hunting Groups define groups of Extensions with a unique address (DDI). When a call is received for a hunting group, the group extensions are tried according to the Hunting Group’s type. They can be: Sequential, Startup, Random, Parallel, Pick-up


A Routing Profile named “After Hours” is set to all COLLAB’s R&D Extensions and defines that calls are routed to COLLAB Support Department during non-working hours.



OneContactPBX has a Presence server that accepts, stores and publishes presence information. Users can define new custom statuses.
Through the Web portal, each user can also define specific redirections based on his presence status.

  • If “USER A” is BUSY, all calls should be redirected to a specified Hunting Group.
  • If “USER B” is ON VACATION, all calls should be redirected to his administrative assistant, etc.

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