OneContact CC is a multimedia, OMNI Channel contact center solution, IP-based, offering a complete and integrated communications management for voice, video, email, instant messaging, and social networks (Facebook and Twitter).

Its architecture is based 100% on SIP standard and meets the needs for a more flexible, scalable and profitable contact center. Fully developed by Collab, this multimedia suite allows the existence of several contact centers connected in a distributed model. The OneContact ensures the implementation of new business models, such as hosting and co-sourcing – reducing total cost of ownership compared to traditional applications.


With OneContact you are allowed different types of inbound/outbound interactions such as:

OneContactCC Supported Media Channels
  • Voice (GSM, SIP or other PSTN calls)
  • Video (3G, SIP)
  • IM (through IP)
  • E-Mail
  • Fax
  • Social Media
  • Skype
  • Skype for Business (Lync)

Collab’s IVR (interactive voice response) system is fully automated for inbound and outbound interactions. It detects DTMF tones to route the calls accordingly to the clients’ selected options and delivers it to an available agent. It also detects your vocal requests via its Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) as well as being bright enough to read through with its advanced text-to-speech functionalities.

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Collab provides you with an IVR Microsoft Visio plugin so that you can alter or add more options to your IVR in an intuitive way. After the new script is generated it can be inserted on-fly with a simple copy/paste operation without stopping or suspending the contact centre activity!


Collab provides OneAgent the capability to record voice and screen of the Agent for later quality monitoring. The supervisor can define a certain % of Voice and Screen Recording, either for full auditing or just sampling for a quicker review. The recordings are integrated in the OneSupervisor, and they can be searched and listened/viewd by different criteria. They are also the basis of OneContact Quality Monitoring, which provides an extra level of depth when it comes to evaluating agents with appropriate scripts and checklists (please click the administration tab on the left for more details).


Over the past few years the social boom has increased significantly meaning that companies and customers are now closer than ever. Every company has a Facebook page to promote their products or simply announce new features or stay in touch with the client. Collab felt the need that some companies required to handle all the social media interactions. Following this train of thought Collab has developed tools to handle with these interactions and therefore OneContact is able to deal with Facebook and Twitter. Clients can tweet the company and these will directly appear on the OneAgent interface as a mail instance to accept. The agent can then reply the client directly on the agent script with a similar browser experience. Facebook interactions are treated seamlessly in similar fashion, but with the added possibility to manage attachments such as photos. 


The main goal of a new generation IP contact centre is to standardize the SIP communications. Therefore Collab has been working with several integrations being Skype our latest. With this new functionality customers can now reach OneContact through Skype using voice interactions.


The first line of support on a contact centre is usually modest in terms of knowledgebase, especially when it comes to troubleshoot tricky situations. Collab is aware that although the customer managers are in the company they do not tend to be around the contact centre area. Bearing this in mind we have developed a way to maximize the performance and reduce the rescheduling of call-backs by allowing Lync communications as a second line of support. In OneAgent’s application the agent can access the companys Lync contact list and check the customer managers availability. If an available manager is found then the agent is able to conference or transfer the call leading to an increment in efficiency.


The use of video in contact centers is one of the major trends identified by industry experts due primarily to the proximity created in the communication between customers and contact center agents. Besides being a new communication channel available to customers, Contact Centers can also benefit from its use to: demonstrate new products or services, personalize their communication with customers, build customer loyalty to the brand and increase communication effectiveness, decrease response time, reduce operating costs, among others. There are two ways a customer can get in touch with the contact center: by using a web browser or a mobile application available for smartphones, tablets and kiosks. The entire video calling feature inherits the fundamental principles of Collab in terms of intelligent interaction routing and quality monitoring and is an integral part of the OneContact CC suite.


OneContact is a multimedia IP Contact Center solution for voice, video, e-mail and instant messaging communications. OneContact was developed using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), the standard for multimedia communications. Its based architecture makes it future-proof and allows for easy integration with hardware and software components from multiple vendors.

On the server side, OneContact’s main components are OneProxy, the Back2Back User Agent, the Intelligent Router, Outbound List Management (Automated Dialer), and Statistics and Provisioning. On the client side we have four graphical user interfaces: OneAgent, OneSupervisor, OneAdmin and OneDeployer.

In this IP Contact Center architecture, agents and supervisors may be located anywhere, linked through an IP connection. With this architecture, they are not limited by geography, i.e. they can be located in multiple sites, with remote supervision, while keeping a single queue per service and centralized management.

With OneContact, the contact center service can be offered in a Hosted model, as a network service. In the Hosted model, the Network Service Provider (usually a telco) provides the contact center infrastructure and functionalities to enterprises linked to its network. These corporate customers do not need to invest in dedicated software and hardware – its agents are linked to the contact center infrastructure, owned and managed by the NSP, through an IP link. OneContact supports media servers in remote sites connected over the internet. This allows supervisors or business administrators to listen and manage recordings stored in a remote site. The Compressor Service functionality allows to convert, move and delete files between different sites. A mechanism to upload media files over the Internet allows business administrators to upload files for all sites associated with their instance.

The software and hardware architectures are fully redundant, with no single point of failure, delivering an always-on solution.


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