What is Gamification?

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of people’s impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.
Gartner predicts that by 2015, a gamified service for consumer goods marketing and customer retention will become as important as Facebook, eBay, or Amazon, and more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application.

Gamification techniques strive to leverage people’s natural desires for CompetitionAchievementStatusAltruismCommunity Collaboration, and many more.

Businesses can use Gamification to drive desired user behaviors that are advantageous to their brand. One common technique of Gamification is to increase engagement by rewarding users who accomplish desired tasks.
Rewards such as Badges and Experience Points are used to elevate Status by showcasing the talents, expertise, and accomplishments of users.
Competition is another technique that can be used in gamification. The desire to appear on the leaderboard drives players to complete more tasks, in turn fueling deeper engagement.
When organisational goals are aligned with ‘player’ goals, the business achieves its goals as a direct consequence of the game.

In a workplace implementation of Gamification, data generated by employees as they work is captured, analysed and fed-back in real time to the employees using Wall Boards (Display Screens), WEB Sites and Smart Phone/Pad apps. This in turn enables the employees to progress towards goals and rewards, and gives them a community to compete and collaborate with.
The five most commonly used mechanics in gamification are: Points, Badges, Levels, Leaderboards, and Challenges.

How does it make sense in a contact center?

Contact centers have one of the highest staff rotation rates in the industry and also one of the lowest age averages. Hence, creating a mechanism that motivates and promotes employee loyalty through competitive and team building mechanisms makes perfect sense.

One of the key benefits of Gamification besides driving KPIs and behaviours is the increased tenure that has been observed in many applications of Gamification. Increased tenure reduces the need to re-hire and thus reduces the cost of teh Contact Center.

Three key vectors need to be regarded to make Gamification an success:

  • Structuring an ad-hoc world
    Many contact centers already offer awards and prizes, but most often this is not automated. By using live data and creating fully structured leaderboards, quests, challenges and achievements, coherence, efficiency and objectivity are introduced.
  • Managing the agent lifecycle
    More often than not, agents are unclear about their career potential. Using Experience points gained over the tenure of an agent, a clear career roadmap can be provided, i.e. trainee agent -junior agent – senior agent.
  • Integrating technologies in a perfectly optimized workforce ecosystem
    A true workforce optimization process means creating a symphony between Quality Monitoring, Workforce Management, E-Learning and other technologies available. The gamification engine offers the perfect flow, continuously feeding these different technology blocks.

collab_gmification_on_ipadGamify your Contact Center with Collab’s 2.5 suite – OneContact and OneWorkforce

With the gamification engine of suite 2.5 Collab are creating a platform that can be connected to OneWorkForce, OneContact or any other 3rd party software.By doing this, your current Key Performance Indicators can be used to create Quests, Challenges and Achievements that will become available to your agents. Gamification aims to increase motivation, loyalty, competition, teamwork, productivity and fun in your Contact Center. A famous quote says “humans are gaming animals, because we all strive to compete, get better and improve at something”. With our new platform, gamification in your contact center is one switch away.

Contactonics will help you in assessing your goals and help you implement the best possible solution to increase your KPIs and reduce attrition.

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