Meet AgentBalance

AgentBalance is an analytical Solution, hosted as a Service which provides managers with unique correlations of Employee psychometric data and their performance parameters (KPIs). Psychometric parameters can be correlated with any performance metrics or customer external data, such as:

  • Employee satisfaction, relationships, and engagement.
  • Correlate it with performance.
  • Understand your employees and customers.
  • Provide better customer services.

How it works

AgentBalance combines parameters and metrics based on multiple sources:

  • Original AgentBalance data Sociometrics_KPIs
  • Customer-specific data
  • External sources

AgentBalance is designed to complement the solutions already utilized in customer services operations. Most commonly Workforce Management, Quality Management, and Customer Feedback solutions. We correlate our data and metrics with data from any other source and help you manage your workforce with unmatched effectivity and precision.

The testing method, called Color-Association Method, is a patented and scientifically verified psychometry-based testing method.

Employees take a short, intuitive test every week. They are projected a set of phrases or pictures and assign three of the eight presented colors to each of these phrases based on their current feeling about that phrase. The testing engine reacts to the employee’s immediate behaviour and adapts the test in real-time so that it is never the same.

  • A testing method that accurately reflects an employee’s state of mind
  • No “right” or “wrong” answers
  • Regionally and culturally independent
  • 25 years of research backed by over 700 000 collected results


AgentBalance’s metrics can help your company in the following areas:

  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Boost sales and collections
  • Improve quality of services and satisfaction of employees and customers
  • Grow employee engagement and gamification
  • Decrease customer churn
  • Optimize operational costs

Please visit AgentBalance’s WEB Site to learn more…


  1. Kikie kc says:

    How to service television hitachi


    • Dear Kikie.

      thank you for your question.

      To answer your question, please let me assume that you are running a Customer Service and or Technical Support Center.
      AgentBalance is a system that can measure the mental state of your workers.

      Mental state as in:

      • how happy are they working at your company?
      • how loyal are they to your brand?
      • are they focussed on their work, or are they distracted?
      • etc.

      This assessment is being done typically once a week with every employee through either web site or moblie (iOS/Android) application.
      The results can be monitored in real-time.

      But what is more important, is that the psychometric (mental) data can be correlated with your business KPIs.
      Through that correlation you can see how the Psychometrical Data influences your Key Performance Metrics.
      It is a system that can warn you that your employees are not happy, and thus the results your business has are not optimal.

      Please email me directly for further questions (
      We can arrange for a phone call or even a free 1 month test of teh system for your team.

      Kind regards,

      Peter Gossler
      Managing Director


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