Founded in 2015 with the mission to creating true customer benefit by providing innovative technologies and consulting services for clients in the APAC region Contactonics represents some of the most advanced and innovative solutions in the world.

Contactonics provides Software Sales, Channel Sales Management of state of the art software for end to end Omni channel Contact Centers, Logistics and Queuing solutions, Data Management and Archival, Carrier Grade Telephony, Gamification, and Attrition prediction solutions. 

Contactonics also provides consulting services through the SPOT Performance Maturity Model. Single Points of Truth (SPOT) is a graduated Management System which is applied to a company at any time/level of its journey to insure optimal performance 

Contact us to learn about utilizing the most up to date, Customer Experience centered, cost saving solutions for your organization. 
Ronnie Jones – Co-Founder


Peter Gossler – Co-Founder and Managing Director